Why Cold Therapy?

Cold baths stem from the Finnish tradition of winter water swimming and have gained popularity as a recovery method among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

It has been scientifically proven that the cold is good for the body and mind. It improves well-being in many ways.

For Who?

Basically it’s for everyone!

Professional Athletes
Sports Centers
Clubs and Gyms
Recovery Centers
Fitness Enthusiasts
Sauna and Spa Concepts
Private Homes
Work Places
Occupational Health
Health Clinics

“Pogačar has a new habit:
dip in an ice bath at the end of each stage’”
in DayFR Euro sobre o ciclista profissional Tadej Pogačar

Avantopool Technology

Avantopool enhances alertness, energy, and stamina,
while reducing stress and pain. Enjoy instant, adjustable
clean water baths for a rejuvenating experience.

Avantopool takes the ice hole to the gym, spa, work or home - all year round.

Avantopool Kinos

Avantopool Hanki

Avantopool Kide

Avantopool Kinos Plus

Avantopool takes the ice hole to the gym, spa, work or home - all year round.

Improves and
speeds up recovery
Improves energy
and endurance
Relieves the pain
Clear the mind
Improves sleep
muscle pain
brown fat
Accelerates the
Gives a feeling
of well-being

Normatec 3 Legs

Avantopool Kinos is ready whenever you are.

Precision pulse technology, patented by Normatec,
helps increase circulation, revive muscles and reduce
swellingand has been the choice of elite athletes
and consumers around the world.

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We rent ice tubs.
A modern tool to heal your body and mind

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